help with ric pucking up something

i purchased a ric about a week ago. i was watching it just now and it seemed to open its mouth and spew out a white looking stuff almost like bubbles mixed with speghitti then few minutes later sucked it back into its mouth. can someone explain what just happened. got crappy picture of it.


From my undertanding… it’s pucking it’s guts out. Literally. I could be wrong on this, but they often do this if you cut them or if they are very stressed.

And… the same thing you might read in the second or third reply to most posts on most forums…“Did you do anything different in the last couple of days? Have you checked all your water parameters? What is your Nitrates, temp, and salinity? Have you been adding any chemicals?”


ok testing whats that…lol i only moved it from one spot to another about hour ago. it looks fine now. it is shriveled up but mouth is closed and GUTS are back in. we will see how it look tomorrow when lights come back on. was just wierd never seen anything in my tank puck its guts up. so i asume what i saw was its upper intestines then. lOl

yeah, what Jon said sounds right. it was expelling its guts. its also an attack response to other corals to eat them before they get eaten. coral wars. all my schrooms and my old rics used to do that if they get roughed up a little in handling.

No problem, when they feel better, they just sucks em back in…

Yup - my hairy mushrooms do it fairly regularly. No harm no foul. It’ll be fine, something may have nipped at it or kicked some sand up too close to it.

ok glad you all have witnessed this in your tank. was a first for me.

Hum… If I remember correctly a frilly mushroom did this once on me and some of the guts got lose and they re-grew a new mushroom!(If I remember correctly) The littlest tiny bit of cutting of mushrooms will usually be capable of forming a whole new coral/polyp. Perhaps this may be a faster way to get new cuttings with out severely harming the parent coral…

Ok, that is bad OCD, these things grow fast enough no point in studying how to get 20 in nine days when you can get 20 in two weeks. Still might be a good way to get a cutting of a coral that does this if you only have one and aren’t brave enough to slice it up.


But… on the other hand, since they don’t have a back end trap door, Like us, to eliminate waste, only a mouth and an anchor foot, it just might have been gurgitatin up a big dump. Think about that?~?~ Theys only gots one ways in, and one ways out…

Ohhhhh!!! That’s disgusting.

Sure glad I’m not a Ric!!

well guess he had an awful taste in mouth afterwards :~S

ive seen several mushrooms do this on but after a few hr. or the next day there back to normal