Here is a few fun critter facts to start your day:


  1. A Seahorse’s dorsal fins beat 75-100 times a minute. A Seahorse can move each of its eyes separately. One eye can look forward while the other looks backward. They can also change their color to match their surroundings.

  2. Starfish have an eye on the end of each arm allowing them to see light, dark and simple shapes. They can also regrow lost arms, even if they only have a couple left.

  3. Sharks have 6 senses. Their 6th sense is an electro-receptive sense. They can detect electrical impulses from their muscles

  4. Some species of Parrot Fish sleep in a bubble of their own snot! They then eat it in the morning for breakfast.

  5. Lobsters communicate by peeing at each other. They have urine nozzles just under their eyes.