Hi ALL from Spring Hill, FL


Firstly Happy Holiday to all and wish you all the very best in the new coming year 2015!
OK…it’s been about 5 months since my family and I moved to Florida back in August, just before the winter and snow…LOL The month of August was a brutal HOT summer in the high 90’s and cutting mom’s grass OMG. I’m a person that don’t drink a lot of water, but I’ve downed 5-6 bottle of water and sweating through my shorts. But I loved it, wearing shorts and flip flop, actually everyone here is wearing shorts and flip flop! Serious I will not even consider to go back to winters, because there is always A/C in the house.

I’ve wanted to make this move over 10 years ago, but because of a career change into the IT field, I was offer my first full-time job with a big company. A curve ball but a good curve ball! But it was long due, to leave a great paying job, great co-workers but I was tired shoveling snow. And my mom, sister, and long-time friends lived in Florida. Still have not found work, but we are managing, fix a few computers and install security cameras here in there, and selling clownfish and my wife found a job with the state we manage. No regrets to be here!

Anyway, just wanted to give the members here an update! As for the hobby, still doing it selling clownfish, have a new website www.xtremeclownfish.com appreciate you take a look and appreciate any referrals. Will be selling exotic rare anemones BTA’s and occasionally other fish and corals only on special GB for the nice members here. I will discuss that with AJ.

for now…best regards and wish you ALL Happy New Year 2015