high magnesium

Does high levels of magnesium affect corals? I have tested for magnesium over the last year and found my levels much higher than of natural sea water. my levels were 1500- 1800 mg and I never dosed for that. just normal water changes once a month ( 10%). I use kent marine salt and the stated levels on the pkg say 1150-1250 mg. I`m wondering where is the extra magnesium coming from? and does it affect corals? my calcium levels are 425-450 and the kdh is 11 and ph is 8.2

Are you sure of your Mg test kit/process? I think it would be prudent to get a second opinion.

+1^^^. I have had an issue with byropsis and the method of getting rid of it is to raise the mag to those levels. I didnt have any coral problems or fish problems with the mag being that high.

Have you tested a batch of your fresh salt water? How old is the test kit?

What test kit do you use to test mag?

Im using salifert

I am using sailfert test kit that has a june of 2015 expiration date on it. I just tested a fresh batch of saltwater and it showed a level of 1250. my main concern is the long term affect of high mag. from what I read, having high mag usually affects the balance of alk and calcium in solution. but, my levels seem to be ok.

Whats in the tank?sps are more concerned. about that then lps or plays

IMO, your ALk level is too high. NSW is like 7-8 dkh