Holiday Corals + Dry Goods

Hey there. I have a bunch of frags for sale that have been growing out. I’m located in Newark. Corals are under LEDs

Zoanthids $15-$25 (size)

Sunny D
Armor of God


Hand size GSP $50 frags of another variety $10
Firework cloves 5-7 polyp $30
Blue Ricordia mushroom $20
Orange Ricordia mushroom $20
Bubble tip anemone – softball size $40
Longer polyp toadstool – 15
Red w/ white specks disco mushroom
Blue disco mushrooms


Blue base orange polyp Cyphastria
Purple stylo
Red monti cap
Green monti cap

Cut to order

Rainbow incinerator
Rainbow infusions
Frogspawn - $25 per head
Green finger leather
Red polyp blue base digi- green growth on new coralites (bubble gum digi?)
Raspberry birdsnest


Starry blenny $15
Snowflake clown $40
Mignight clown (extreme misbar) $35 + regular Clown $15

Dry goods

Hanna 772 Alk checker $35
Refractometer - $20
2 AI Hydra 26 HD w/ 36’’ rails - $450
40/65G stand - $75
FC80 Aqua Max (Sicci pump) Cone skimmer $115 – missing cup stopper

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Couple more pictures:

Nice! That toadstool is awesome! Wish mine would grow :slight_smile:

I’m going to send you a private message, I am interested in a couple things

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I’m interested in the cut to order red polyps blue base digi. Could you show a picture of it. Plus $$$$$

Hi Mike,

If you want to trade some Sps for a frag I’d be happy with that.

The actinic is exaggerating the color a bit, but it’s a real sharp looking coral

I got plenty of green slimmer. Hawkins enchnata.let me know

Looking for a nice piece of frag?

tank is looking really good Mike

Thank you. Not the best picture of the tank but it shows the color.