Holiday Spruce Up!

The holidays are here, and that means lots of friends and family dropping by! We know you want your tank to look it’s best, so this week we’re offering some fantastic holiday spruce up savings! These speicals DO NOT SHOW on the website, mention them in the customer comments when you place your order, or give us a call, to take advantage of them.

Big Discounts on Inverts to get your tank all tidy!
Pacific Origin Inverts, sold in lots, order as many lots as you wish. $10 each lot. Just indicate which lot and how many you would like in the customer comment section of the cart and we will add them to your order.

13 Cerith Snails, sand bed algae grazer,
13 Cerith = 1 cerith lot =$10

13 Cyano Grazer Snails,
13 Grazers = 1 grazer lot =$10

13 Cortez Nassarius Snails, sand bed scavengers,
13 Nassarus = 1 nassarius lot =$10

6 Turbo Snails, mega algae mowers,
6 Turbos = 1 turbo lot =$10

13 Red Leg hermit Crabs, active scavengers and algae grazers,
13 Hermits = 1 red leg lot =$10

13 Nerites Snails, super cool colored shells and good algae grazers,
13 Nerites = 1 nerites lot =$10

As an added bonus, all remaining colonies on our Coral Colony pages are 30% off! Again, this discount will not show in the shopping cart. Mention this special and we will make the adjustment to your final bill!

Have you checked out the goodies available for 30% off on our Coral Colonies pages?

Inverts are going quickly, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get your tank spruced up for the season!