Hot New Australian Shipment!

We’ve got a brand new shipment of Australian Corals in and posting! Hot new Aussie Brains, Scolymias, cool Grinch Montipora, and lots more. Plus, of course, a big new batch of super sweet Aussie Acanthastrea lordhowensis! Some of the nicest we’ve seen in a while, you’ve got to check these guys out. Just a small sampling below, check out the Australian Corals page to see them all.

A bunch more Aussie Acan lords have posted today. We have a HUGE selection available on our Australian Corals page:

After some new Acans but watching the budget? We understand, and have added an ‘Our Pick’ Mystery Acan Frag pack to the Aussie page as well. Pick your pack size, 3 or 6 frags, and we’ll select some great frags for you from our extensive selection of Acan lord frags. Get one pack or several, we’ve got enough frags to ensure no duplicates and a nice variety of colors and patterns.
3 for $69.99
6 for $129.99
Huge Savings!

Add a little ‘Acan Art’ to your tank! Everyone knows Acans don’t really come in the colors shown in this photo, but we have a fabulous selection of frags to offer that you can use to create some fantastic Acan art in your tank.