Hot Updates!

We’ve had all kinds of great shipments arrive this week, and you know what that means. Loads of new livestock to add to the site! Today we’ve added - bunches of new frags, colonies, inverts, and fish! Just check out some of the latest arrivals:

New Fish! Many at special sale prices as part of our Caribbean Fiesta Sale!

Tons of frags, including our popular WYSIWYG Triple Frag Paks and some really sweet SPS!
Triple Frag Paks

Sweet SPS from these parent colonies

We’ve also been adding other great colonies and Aussie corals. Plus, we got such a great deal on our Pacific Inverts this week that we’ve added them to the sale! Keep an eye out later in the week for new Pacific Invert Cleaner Kits. Until then, we’ve got our invert page ready to go to build your own cleaner crew!

Loads more goodies posting, as promised! Check these out:

Just added some really nice Mini Acanthastrea lordhowensis Colonies to the Aussie Corals page. A great solution for those looking for something a bit larger than a frag, but less expensive than the big Aussie colonies can be. Most are around 3 - 5 inches. And in case you’ve missed it, all of our Aussie corals (including these new guys) are marked down this week!

We’ve also added some cool SPS and Acropora frag packages to the Frag Packages page. You will receive frags from each of the parent colonies shown in the package!

We’re also continuing our Tropical Island Celebration sale through this week, with lots of Pacific and Caribbean inverts on sale, plus fish, Gorgonians, Ricordea, sponges, mangroves, and more!

Also this week you’ll find our WYSIWYG Clams are 40% off with discount code Clam40! Just enter the code during checkout to see your savings!