HouseHold Hazardous Waste Recycling Day Saturday 11/01/08

Just a reminder for anyone who has a closet full of old VHO, Florescent, PC or Metal Halide lamps to dispose of. They all contain Mercury and need to be properly disposed of, rather than dropped in the trash and sent to the land fill. once broken, all that mercury will find its way into the ground water and eventually into the ocean that grows our favorite reef critters. So this is one of the many times to take them in for proper recycling.

This collection is being held at Frawley Statium, Wilmington this Saturday . I saw Anthony Calfo speak at the NJRC frag swap last weekend about mercury in our lamps. It is one of the most dangerous pollutants around and needs to be recycled. I was surprised to learn that metal halide bulbs contain far larger amounts of mercury in them than 4 foot florescent lamps do. so they too should be recycled, rather than tossed in the garbage, going to a land fill.

also , check the extensive list of other household chemicals you might need to dispose of properly, and protect our drinking water supplies and ocean waters.