How close to level?

So I’ve got the new tank where I want it to be, but the tank is out of level from front to back in this spot. It is still within the level lines, but it could come up an 1/8th in the front and be dead-nuts on. How perfectly level does everyone go with their tank? I can probably level it with a couple of shims, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to.

I wonder if I need to be perfect with a 50g. There’s not a ton of weight like in a 180g+.

My 180 was off about 1/4" over 6’, so I think you’ll be fine, as long as the floor under it doesn’t sag more.

I hope the floor won’t sag. It will be in a corner of the room, which is also a corner of my house so it is right near the foundation, not much of a fulcrum created. I could always add a support later if needed.

Thanks, Jim. I think I will leave it be.