how exactly do i use an aqualifter?

so i bought an aqualifter today and got some ofthe tubing but the only problem is i cant figure out how to get it to work with the u tube because the airline tubing is soo much smaller than the u tube if any1 has any ideas please let me know ill prob be checking this again around 9:30 after work Thanks!

There should be a nipple on the top of the overflow box

If both ends of the u-tube are in the water and the tube is run up into the u-tube and it pulls a vacuum it should work, I think. You should also be able to use a T and run tubes to both U-tubes. Never used one and don’t have an idea how it works, but it looked like it was just a pump with two tube fittings on it right?

Not all overflow have/use the nipple.
3 ways

  1. Attach to existing nipple- since you are asking I assume this is not an option.

  2. Thread the air line up the U tube and turn on to remove the air

  3. Drill a hole in the overflow at the top where the air is trapped add a nipple (fish stores have them for air lines) silicone in place. When dry attach aqua lifter to overflow

Well maybe 4 - Drill the tank and do away with the overflow

ok so i just spent 10 minutes typing just to lose it. ok yes the inlet of aqua lifter needs to be attached to top of u tubes i guess there is no tap for airline on u tube. so purchase a 1/4 inch male x airline barbbed ninty degree fitting and a 1/4 mpt tap. drill small hole at very top of crown of u tube dead center with drill bit just under the size of tap. then screw fitting into threads with silicone. run from here to inlet of aqua lifter. then on outlet side of aqua run airline to tank or overflow. will add pic for a referrence guide. i will pm you my number if you need to be explained better over phone.

#4 was my suggestion to him at DPA today :wink: with your suggestions of course Al, since your our resident glass driller.

I’ve drilled as many tanks as Al. :stuck_out_tongue: Of course all my bits are pretty much warn out though, so he is probably the best source currently.

Im not sure if this will work for you…but i have pvc tubing that i use to get water to my DT to my 'fuge…i drilled a small hole in the PVC and used the aqua lifter with one of those little anti siphon thingys from DPA that will suck out a little water i and you can run that back to the fuge