how long does it take to cure a cured frag disk

i picked some up at frazer zoo and the guy there told me to recure. how long?

also sweet sweet stuf there. will probably go in a few weeks (there’s a QVC up there and there was a sale today) i picked up some nice zoos. thanks frazer zoo. they always have vary nice stuff and is deff worth going. they have awsome lighting and the guy i spoke with seemed very inteligent and knowladgable. i would just call in advance andamke soure they have frags.ive been there a few times and thats the olny draw back.

If they are concrete they do need to be cured but not twice. It is such a small amount it will be fine in your tank.

okey. i remembered that he said to put in a dark spot so as it wouldn’t grow hair alge or something like that but i thought he said something else. o well.

Throw them in your sump they are too small to effect the tank. Usually if they are washed in acid after they are initially cured they shouldn’t grow more hair algae then the nearby rocks. Here is an article I put together about concrete and curing, Concrete in the Home Aquarium

Damn it, I typed up something about this, but then got an error message when I tried to post.

Basically I agree with all of what Al said.(I was also going to point out he knows this shit well and you should read his article, but he already beat me to that) Biggest question is who made these plugs? If the shop you bought them from made them they may need a good bit more curing and may not have been worth the money. Most of the reason we pay any money for frag plugs is because the company is selling us fully cured stuff which is the biggest pain in frag plug making.

If it was BAF(Boston Aqua Farms) then chuck them in the tank like he said. They’ll work fine.

Do they come in a package or did he hand them to you out of a bucket or in a zip lock bag?

BAF, as well as most other manufactuers do not actually cure disks at all. This is why some people prefer ceramic frag plugs… they never need curing.

it was BAF

[quote=“icy1155, post:6, topic:1058”]
BAF, as well as most other manufactuers do not actually cure disks at all. This is why some people prefer ceramic frag plugs… they never need curing.[/quote]

Where did you hear this? I swore they write on the package they were cured. Has been a while since I’ve used them though as TBAquatics prices and selection are much better. IMHO

it says on the bag cured in freshwater for 30 days

30 days is more then enough for a frag plug. It will probable leach some carbonate when dropped in saltwater which will be fine. Drop them in.

i droped the disk in. ill do some zoos today. i did a mushroom last night

what were the prices like at frazer zoo???

the stuff was high quality and the prices were pretty reasonable.

The Frazer Zoo has had pretty reasonable prices every time i’ve gone there.

Dang, I need to visit Frazier Zoo some day. there’s always Lots of good things said about it.

A simple way to cure home made concrete plugs is put them in a 800 micron media bag or onion bag and drop them in the corner of the toilet reservoir tank for a month or so. constant fresh water flushing to reduce the alkalinity of them. No fuss, no muss, and saves a little water too. GARF cures their aragacrete rock in a back yard pond for a few months. its fed by a freshwater spring, constantly flushing.