How long should you keep saltwater around after mixing?

I currently keep two 32 gallon brute trash cans, one with RODI water and the other with mixed salter respectively. That currently lasts me a little over a month with water changes and auto top off. I used to continually run heaters and flow but now only run flow to mix the salt and pre-heat the water before a water change. I keep lids on them which cuts down on the evaporation.

I’m thinking about expanding my storage capacity to cut down on the need to make RODI and saltwater and was curious if there was any down side to keeping either around for longer periods of time (~3 months). Thoughts?

BRS did a video on this actually…

Why do I get long white stringy slime with my Fritz mix if I don’t use it in 2 days? I would get the same with reef crystals after 3 days also? What is it? Is it still safe o use?

I don’t know what would be growing in your saltwater. I can’t recall hearing about that…

I do know that there’s a harmless bacteria that for whatever reason thrives in RODI water. You might notice some slime in there.

I am bad at actually doing water changes when I say I am going to. I’ll make the water and forget or just say there’s tomorrow lol. I do however try to not let mixed salt sit longer then 2 weeks. My other tank probably should be getting water changes if its lucky it will get tank water from the main system.

I’m right there with you @JustSumGuy