how to frag xenia

stuff u will need
. xenia in need of a shape up
. containor of tank water to hold xenia
. cutting tool ( scizor, razor or wire cutter)
. something to mount frag to (lr or plug)
. rubber band or zip tie

well for this coral there are two ways of doing it. i will show u the way i did for spyder9’s xenia first.

  1. find healthy xenia

  2. make it shrivle up( it takes alot but make soure u get them all closed up)

  3. take them out and put them into the containor. i had to use a bucket due to how larger the rock was.

  4. i was luckey and most of the stalks were at the end of the rock. i could easily snip the rock along with xenia off.

  5. after i got all the frags i wanted i put the mother colonie back into the tank to avoid any more stress.

  1. i then took the rocks with the xenia and glued them to a frag plug.

7 then i put the xenia frag back in the tank where it came from.

8 i would reccomend you put these under a little higher flow due to how much slime they give off.

thanks spyder9 for allowing me to frag all the coral. sorry this one d osent have as many picture, my camra lady was snozing i guess.

the other way to do this is to a single stalk off.

pick a nice stalk and cut about half an inch from the base. (remeber to get it ticked off first).

take a rubber band and tie the newly fragged piece down.

it should attach in no more than a week tops.

be soure to put it in a little higher flow.

As with any coral use latex or nitrile gloves and goggles for safety. Xenia is very toxic and can cause numbness or worse if it gets into a cut or mucus membrane of your mouth, nose or eyes. Always be careful as everything in the tank can be harmful. (toxins, virus, bacteria)