Howdy y'all

One of your members asked me to show you guys a little love. So here I am, at least digitally. If you don’t know me, you may have been on my site learning about various aspects of the hobby. I run , which is loaded with articles and pictures. It also is how I make a living, so any purchases is always appreciated. is my other site, which is where I blog about my reef and share articles from time to time. Here’s my latest blog: A whole bunch of Topdown eye candy - Blogs - Reef Addicts

In the past besides posting avidly online to help others with answers they seeked, I did a couple of podcasts. Now I’m embracing my Youtube channel. This week’s video is a visit to an 800g reef in a person’s home.

:Welcome) to DRC! frequent visitor to your site. Great info and thank you for joining us here.

:Welcome) My Wife and I where actually just on your site today checking out your RO/Di systems, we are in the market for a new setup . Great to have you, stop back often

:Welcome) I have read many of your articles. You help with the hard stuff people can’t find good answers to! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and Experience.

  Welcome to the club  :Welcome)

 Great to have ya here been to your site as well everything looks great!  ::thumbsup::

:Welcome) to our club.

Great to have someone here with your kind of experience in our hobby.

I always check out your site to get great ideas on reef projects and DIY things. I copied your pH probe setup for your calcium reactor. Made drip bin and probe holder for my pH monitor.It has been working fine for years now.


Glad to have you with us Marc, you’ve def made things easier for a lot of us in this hobby and I for one thank you for that.


I’m a big fan. Are you located in the DE area?

He is not even close.

Texas if I’m not mistaken.