I blame you! We’re in a fight!

It’s. All. Your. Fault!!


I mean not totally, completely all. But a lot. You people and your great looking tanks over the last two virtual meetings made me do something I haven’t done in mooooooonths. A water change. :open_mouth: :hushed: :astonished:

I went ahead and blasted the rocks and the junk in my sump and then threw a filter sock on there to suck out the junk.


Decided to give the glass a straight edge razor clean while I was at it. Got to the third side and everything was looking really good.

Zoom in suuuuuuper close on the bottom left corner. Notice anybody down there? Maybe 12” across long spine urchin? Yeah… me neither. So, I got stung. Sigh…

It didn’t hurt much but the stinger was under my skin so I had to soak it in vinegar for an hour to dissolve it. Now my hand smells like salad dressing and I still have to finish cleaning that side. Harumph!


Looking good

That’s hilarious - a compulsive water change caused by virtual tank tour insecurity. The tank looks great and if it doesn’t you can just say that the camera on your phone is acting up.

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Ouch. Sorry you got stung. I am, however, tickled by the idea that you would be motivated to care for your tank in part as a result of seeing MY tank.


There are several corals just strewn about in there right now. I was moving some frags around with the plan to glue them down when I got stung, so hopefully it will be a bit more put together later today :slight_smile:

There’s still a layer of gunk all over the rocks from my storm yesterday. :nauseated_face: I’m gonna have to give it another blast today. There was so much stuff that I completely clogged my filter sock that I put in just for that purpose. :woozy_face:

looking good. When you are done playing with your tank can you clean mine up? I really am lazy on cleaning the panels and the anemone tank really could use some maintenance other then just being added water volume for my other tank. Glad we made those top down viewers. it’s pretty much the only way I keep an eye on everything in my grow out tank.


My husband stepped on a sea urchin on our honey moon :persevere:

Does this mean you are showing off your tanks next virtual meeting?

I like the virtual meetings. Most of the members and meetings are up north and this is a convenient way to participate.

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Ouch! This really was just a little pinch and it totally healed in a day.

Yep, I’m going to be in the next one. Gotta try and get my tank looking at least decent by then :slight_smile: