I fed it bacon

wOw i just died laughing…

puffers dont know its not bacon

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puffers dont know its not bacon[/quote]

lol… thats so funny

A long long time ago I kept one of those puffers. I added a bunch of big salt crystals to the tank.(the type that come in a milk carton for treating FW fish with disease, ~1cm grain size, so rather large) After adding them I left the room for a moment when I returned the salt cubes had disappeared… then I saw the puffer coming out from the back of the tank with bumps in it’s stomach the exact same rigid shape as the crystals! Those SOBs will eat ANYTHING.

Mine also nipped the fins on a tricolor shark that was 10 times it’s size in a 120gallon tank!

O damn lol, makes me want one… lol he ate the salt… did he live?

He lived yeah. Was around a long time after that until a window was left open near his tank.(glass heater broke when temp in the room dropped) :frowning: That’s sort of how I lost my Angler as well, if I remember correctly that heater came half way up at of the water because of tension on the cord and cooked the tank.

Dogs like bacon!

Just don’t tell your fish what it is. Give them Beggin Strips instead.


I had a Hydor heater heating the air for a good day, and it still works… Long story, but it got stuck floating out of the tank a lot… Well actually the water level dropped in the QT, but ya…