i gotta thank ken

i asked for some micro stars, just to have some more biodiversity. ken gave me a container, but when i got home and opened it, there were about 40 of them crawling around. i never expected so many, figured there’d be 2 or 3. so i was a fantastic thing. i spread them around. and hopefully they’ll make more.

You are welcome Paul.

Yes, they are prolific. I only had to shake a couple frag rocks to collect those. you wont see them most of the time. they will be under rock. They get a pretty nice size for micro brittles. look cool , maroon body with green/gray striped arms. They do a good job of clean up. I’m really impressed that you didn’t open the butter tub till you got home! I would have been dying to see what’s in it.


Me to.(refering to the title)

Thanks for the frags. They are looking good in the qt currently. As you sure that cap isn’t plastic? Or did you spray paint a skeleton? Looks too neon to be real!

Thanks again Ken. You rock!

Krylon Fragile Rock!

I haven’t had a chance to look for polyps yet. I’m going on faith that that thing isn’t some kind of praticle joke. :stuck_out_tongue: You know how to pick some nice corals. Built yourself a nice collection over the years.

You are Welcome!

Now let’s see if you can grow em?