I lost my mandarin!!.....Oh wait, there he is...

So looking around the tank yesterday, after leaving it be for a day, I couldn’t find the mandarin. I thought nothing of it because he likes to chill hidden in the rocks sometimes. Later on I still couldn’t find him and didn’t seem him during feeding! Oh crap I thought maybe hes gone, but no body? I figured maybe he went into the sump, but couldn’t find him. Then we decided to check out the tank late last night and Eden spotted him chillin in the sump.

Guess he could smell the pods down there and went for a ride? :stuck_out_tongue: :GOLD)

eggcrate and some hard plastic over that overflow will fix that!

play powerball. it’s yr lucky time. deer almost gets ya, now this!!

I still gotta get him out! He’s so small he actually goes underneath of the skimmer, egg crate, macro, ect. so he can dodge me andmy net pretty easily…

Tim, egg crate over the holes might not be a bad idea, here is the overflow, I think he snuck by one of the missing notches. http://delreefclub.org/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=28&topic=1430.msg15507#msg15507

And your the second person to say I should play the powerball, Paul…I think I’ll take your advice :wink:

buy me a clam when you win!

[quote=“moliken, post:6, topic:1879”]
buy me a clam when you win![/quote]

No prob, unless you win that $50 from RAF, then your on your own!

I lost my Starry Blenny a month or so ago when I got back from vacation. I had had a couple things die on me lately and the tank has been in really bad shape so I had just assumed I had lost him as well.

I happen to walk by the closet and look in the sump last night and there he was!!! Now I have to figure out how he got down there as I do keep gutter guard in the drain pipes to keep fish and snails out. They are only removed long enough to clean them out. I guess he was just waiting for his chance to break out.

If you lose a fish, always check in your overflow itself too. We lost our blenny for a month, when I was cleaning behind the tank one day I saw him swimming around in the overflow. Since there was algae growing in there he was happy as a pig in poo. I think he was about 2x the size when I finally got him out.