I need my tank drilled, Dover area.

Anyone that can help would be great. Looking to put a 3/4" bulkhead in a 20 high. I am just south of Dover, but I will drive to you.

I know Bill can do it, and a good job too.

Pat , Jon called me and he has a bit LMK when you need it drilled and I’ll get it done

Thanks Tim ::thumbsup::

Whenever you can do it Bill. I’m south of Dover, so it takes about 45 minutes to get to your area.

There are 6 John’s and 1 Jon. I gotta stand out from the crowd somehow. :smiley: :wink:

Good luck with it guys.

Sorry Jon
Lost my mind for a couple minutes

Pat I thought you were working up here. Let me know when you can

I work in NJ, but it is a vacation week for me. :BEER

Ok, I think I’m on plan “R” now PBJ!

Got an old acrylic sump for cheap, I’m gonna drill it myself tonight and see where it goes from there.

Pat I live in dover,if you need I. Have drilled tanks b4,I could get bit from bill and u could meet me, I work in wilm so I could get the bit if bill wanted to meet me at dpa or somthing like that. Jason

I’m ok for now Jason. I have a hole-saw for acrylic, but forgot that I have plans for tonight. I have a new plan for the 20 that does not require the hole. We will see how it goes from here.