IceCap Lighting and 40 watt UV

I don’t know if this is allowed on here or not so if not mods please remove it. I have 3 Icecap 250 MH ballasts and 3 250 watt pendants with bulbs that I barely used and decided to remove from the 300. These are like new because I never had the need to run MH with all the softies I have in the tank. I would like to get $70.00ea for the ballasts and $75.00ea for the pendants with barely used bulbs in them. I also have a brand new pendant that was a spare still in the box with no bulb for $50.00.

I also have an emperor aquatics 40 watt UV with a good bulb in the unit and a brand new spare bulb. Would like to get $250.00 for the unit and brand new bulb.

Lighting all sold…Still have the 40 watt UV. I am open to offers would like this out of my house.