ick is back

i took all my fish out of my tank and treated with copper for 3 weeks with no ick in sight from the second day in started treating them. i Placed them back in the md on friday and they looked great. This morning i went down to check on them and i saw a little white dot on my tangs right side and he was rubbing it on the rocks. What the F!!! this stuff never dies!!

tang is probably stressed. dont try to change anything too much. try to bost its immune system ie vitiman soaked foods. feed well and make soure your pars are in check


Some (controversial?) Ich/Ick information. The ich can survive in the tank for longer than 3 weeks.

I took the method of improving tank conditions and doing all I could to reduce the stress of the animals to rid the tank of (visible) ich. It may/may not be still in the water, but my fish appear unaffected by it.

Thanks I just feel tike this will never end. Having all the fish out of my tank for 3 weeks seamed like forever. I guess I will do a water change tonight and keep an eye on him. I was kind of just trying to get some of my frustrations out. Thanks guys

Ich does die. It is a parasite which needs a host to survive. Three weeks was not enough time to break the life cycle of the parasite. Most common consensus is 4 to 6 weeks without any fish in the dislay. Normally I treat all my new purchases no matter where they come from for 8 weeks. First part of treatment is cuppramine for 18-21 days(this long because I start with 0 cooper inQT and slowly raise the level to the recommended dose. About day 12-14 I begin lowering the SG and the cooper by water changes.(carefully monitor pH and alk as ph drops and buffering usually raises alk). Getting to hypo salinity of 1.009 around day 20. Remains there until day 48 then begin raising salinity back to 1.026. All is usually good and by taking your time fish does not get stressed.

I have read not to do a copper treatment while doing hypo salinity. I have heard of people using a lower sg of 1.019 but not any lower. I believe it have to do with extreme swing in numbers. I will have to pull some of my old articles to verify in my mind.