ID the Alien EGGS please!!

what are the possibilities. what’s in the tank that could’ve laid that? or is this a quiz?

No I really dont know what it is. I am hoping it is good and not bad.
CUC=nasssarius nails, sand star, serpent star, sea Cucumber,crab, assorted snails,shrimp.

Fish= 1 yellow tang, 2 nemos

looks like a pile of poop lol. dunno

they look like M&M peanut with the coloring gone. LOL!!!

My guess Sea Cucumber poop. Have images of the animal?

Here is a cucumber I saw in Bonaire last year while I was studying the reefs with a team from NOAA. Surely this is not the same species as you are keeping, but you can see how they are capable of … crapping packets of sand.

What species of shrimp are you keeping? The sand star may be able to do something like this I honestly don’t have a lot of long term hands on experience with them. Regardless I don’t think this is anything to worry about. Anything that would be capable of creating eggs that large and at that quantity would have to be significant in size and it would be one of the animals you know and love.

(BTW the little black dot down the bottom right of the first image is a damsel fish for size comparison. The specimen of Cucumber pictured could not fit in your tank. I believe the common name for them is Donkey Dung Cucumber.)

[quote=“Gordonious, post:7, topic:2419”]
My guess Sea Cucumber poop. Have images of the animal? [/quote]
pull out some and smell it…does it smell like fish poo? lOl i agree with gordonious…sea cucumber seems to be just a sittin and a -hittin…

Thats exactly whatit is. I have two in my tank and their poo looks exactly like that.


 Rich you got a big pile of poo there [img][/img]

The real funny thing is he has at least 5 pics of a pile of poop.

And several are macros.

STOP !!! with the poop talk - I am getting a complex.

The Cucumber was hanging out in that area yesterday and now the pile looks like ashes


Man! How do these conversations ALWAYS end up in the toilet?!?!?!

my days always seem to end up in the toilet…my job can get pretty crappy.