ideas for a 28 gl tank

As the title says, I’m looking for a different idea for a 28 gallon tank. I started looking at maybe doing a cuttle fish tank, but after doing some reading on the topic, i decided that the tank is too small. any good ideas that would fit into a 24 x 20 x 10 tank? I’m open to all thoughts?

Yeah that will probably be way to small for a cuttle. One option could be an angler / frog fish. You wouldn’t be able to keep any other inverts or fish in with it, but could keep some corals. What sort of lighting will you have?

There are many many options if you have the time and resources. A tidal tank would be a fairly advanced DIYS project.(have the tank half full, half the time) Could also go for a local tank and only keep animals from a certain area of the world. Could do a genus specific tank and collect just zonathids or collect a ton of mushrooms(discoma, rhodactis, ricordea…). Could pick a single color and fill it with all blue, or all purple(purple with moderate lighting could become filled with purple coraline algae to!)

Could start at the bottom and work your way up. Maybe try a black and white indopacific sand or a fiji pink fine sand or even go bare bottom. Instead of a rock pile get inovative with your rock work.

If you are looking for more ideas try looking through past tank of the months in reefkeeping magazine or just search around youtube for videos of cool reef tanks.(or nano tanks for better ideas for your smaller tank)

Good luck, would like to see what you settle on.