Ideas for Club Sponsored DIY Projects

Good Morning DRC!

We are going to push to have our DIY projects at meetings happen on a more consistent basis going forward. During the March meeting, the club sponsored DIY aiptasia zappers for all Premium Members who were interested in making one. This is a great Premium Member perk! The cost of membership is much lower than the cost of the year’s DIY projects if you paid to make them yourself and it’s a great way to connect with your fellow hobbyists. As we look to the remainder of the year, we want to know what projects are of interest to you.

We’ve talked about a few different ideas already:

  1. Aiptasia zappers (Check!)
  2. LED moonlights
  3. Look down boxes/camera boxes

What other projects would you like to make? Let’s hear all your ideas, even if they are expensive! The club could still possibly subsidize part of the cost for more pricey projects and buying in bulk always helps too. Please take a minute to post a thought or two in the thread.

SHAMELESS PLUG: The 6th Annual Frag Swap is on May 13 at William Penn High School! If you haven’t already, please register on to let us know you are coming. Registration on Fragswapper is free. We’ve already signed up some great vendors, including some new ones, and we’re still signing up more. It is going to be another great event!

Another idea I have is frozen food feeders. You have probably all seen pictures of them. They’re fairly simple to make, but they’re crazy expensive to buy!

UV sterilizer and algae scrubbers would be worthwhile to look at doing also.

We planned to do algae scrubbers a year or so ago and wound up having an issue that prevented us from doing it. We should still have all the parts somewhere. Great idea!

Have you seen any plans for DIY UV sterilizers? I totally want to make one!

I’ll do some research and see what I can dig up. I know they are out there in a couple varieties.

Hey, my zapper died!
When will we have another Aiptasia zapper DIY project?
Or maybe a repair session?
Anyone make house calls?? :-)lol

Uh oh! Bring it to the November meeting and I’ll check it out.

Will do!