in search of a free or cheap 10 or 20 gallon tank

My 4 year old is obsessed with worms so I told him I make him a worm farm so was wondering if anyone has any smaller tanks doesn’t have to be water tight or can be scratched new castle county

Pet’s Plus is running a $1/gal sale this month. Could get a cheap 5g tank.

Really lookup how to build a worm farm before you do it, as you will need to find a way keep air circulating through the soil. without Vents and drains you would need to replace the soil like every week or so.
You would do much better with a wood box with glass or plastic front.

black tang, i have a 20 gallon and 29 gallon sitting in my garage. you’re welcome to both and the stand for the 29 gallon if you’d like.

Located in newark 19711

yeah, a wooden box in a drip pan would be best. and feed them old veggies and stuff. They eat old decaying organic litter. If hes real good at it, you can take him and some of the worm harvest to lums pond and go fishing.