Items for sale/Free....ask away

Tunze Osmolator ATO 3155 (I think is the model). It’s the one with the optical sensor along with the float sensor. $125

Apex Classic $250 - has the upgraded double junction pH probe, WXM module, standard temperature probe and the regular pH probe. Good for double the readings or if you run a CARx with it. The brain was serviced by Neptune after I got it, and has worked flawlessly since. Has an EB8 and display.

Aquamaxx EM200 Skimmer - $125. Beast, and dead quiet.

10 gallon tank and stand - FREE. Makes for a good holding tank or temporary QT tank.

Aquaclear AC70 (The Big one) - $25. has sponge and shitton of biomedia.

Aquaclear AC20 (or 30). It’s on the 20 long $10

Rock…I got a lot of rock. $1/lb. Mixture of big pukani pieces (super hard to get), and marco rocks. I have about 150-170# in total.

I have an NSA structure i made, about 15 lbs, bonded with emarco cement, was going to go in the biocube or the 40 breeder build. if you don’t like the cement look on the seams, easy enough to cover with superglue and sand. $15.

I have various heaters, some 50 watters, some 150 watters, some 100 watters, if you are looking for something let me know.

I have a 24" T5 unit (SunBlaze) with 4 bulbs, used over the 40 breeder that is being taken tomorrow.

I have other stuff that i can’t think of, a CO2 scrubber, spectrapure dual reactor with independent knobs to control flow.

I have a Sicce 2.0 pump as well, was going to use that on the 40 breeder but that is on hold indefinitely now.

If you’re looking for something ask away, maybe I have it…I have Brute containers, 4 32 gallon ones, and a 50 gallon one. I have a 2 20 gallon brute containers (square). I have more than I thought lol.

The stuff needs to go, we bought a house near Pike Creek and it’s not going with us. Probably easiest to text me, 302-383-2207.