January Meeting - Chili Cook Off!

Let’s start the new year off right with a chili cook off! We will run this as a competition. What should the categories be? Best chili, spiciest, best meatless?

We need to figure out where we’re going to host this and when but this is a heads up to start getting your recipes ready!

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Guess there isn’t must interest in this… How about a meetup at a store?

This will be informal. Just a time window to show up at one of the local stores to hang out and chat. Come and go as you please. What store should we choose? ASR? Frags 2 Fishes? Coralust?

If we do not have a standard location then a visit to a store would be nice. I do not think we have had a field trip to ASR or Coralust.

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I like the Idea of the Chili Cookoff, maybe we can get some more momentum, I also like the idea of a field trip to ASR or otherwise.
Maybe we can plan a meetup at a store while we build on the Chili Cookoff.
We might have to post a link on FB to draw the crowd here to discuss the Cookoff
We could use my shop again if anyone likes that idea. Seemed to work well before. Close to the DE/PA line.

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I’m down for anything I like chille lol but a get together would be nice to