January Meeting Summary

We had another good turn out for the January meeting! There was a plumbing demo planned for the meeting that didn’t happen, and a last minute fill in for another demo of a frag system… that didn’t work out either! Hopefully our guys that volunteered will have an easier time next month with their schedules, and hopefully no more unforeseen problems for them to deal with again! ( Good luck guys! we missed ya!) Anyway, luckily Paul stepped up and filled in nicely, and gave a very good presentation of his new led’s. Very well done i must say, he included lots of pics that showed us Par readings comparing the new lights to his old T5’s, a cool video showing off the Thunder/ lightning program that his controller is capable of…….and answered all questions in true teacher form! (better pay attention and don’t make him repeat himself) LOL… Kapt Ken, gave us all a little info about the upcoming frag swap at That Pet Place this weekend. Sounds like it’s well worth the trip, and i’ll take Ken’s advice and go early… Seems like it’ll get pretty crowded, and picked over quick! The frag raffle tank had a lot of nice frags, and i can’t wait to see what shows up in the coming months, this frag swap will probably produce some unique pieces that will surely make their way into future raffles! The “Golden ticket Prize” was taken home by Paul, a nice little R.O. unit that was generously donated by Air Water and Ice…thank you! We had the normal pizza, and other snacks….but the “star” of the buffet table was definitely Ken’s chili… Thanks for taking your time and money to feed us, it was DELICIOUS! We also have a couple of member’s working on some exciting D.I.Y. projects…( custom acrylic frag tank, custom overflows, and of course more leds to name a few) so we’ll stay tuned for those! And hopefully we’ll get back to doing the Tank Tour of the Month again……… just to gauge interest, who’d be willing to show off their tank? and include the full rundown of setup, equipment, testing maintenance etc… with pics, full details, and hopefully some video?

See you all next Month!

Here’s a couple pics from the Meeting…

Here’s one of Paul, he couldn’t believe his thumb looked that scary on the big screen…

Full house, and plenty of room for more!

This one was " I know you won Paul, but i dare you to try and take it from me"

Nice summary and pics John.

Def a good time! Glad everyone that could make it did!

Great pics John

Very sorry I missed it. :-("

yeah, bill. shame you weren’t there to win, and i did! PBJ! YahoO

[quote=“moliken, post:4, topic:3762”]
yeah, bill. shame you weren’t there to win, and i did! PBJ! YahoO[/quote]


Thanks Paul I already have one, don’t think I would of tried. :stuck_out_tongue: