Jason Fox LE Frags

We have posted more WYSIWYG Limited Edition frags, we have offered many LE frags now for several years and we now post a few each week that are posted as the exact frag you receive, What You See Is What You Get–just look for WYSIWYG and you get the exact frag posted:

A few words about Limted Edition Frags
Sometimes the wording “limited edition” is thrown around a lot now and the meaning is sometimes obscured. Well, what we consider Limited Edition has a clear meaning. These are frags that have been grown in captivity for multiple generations and are now completely captive grown, in other words the frags sold are from corals grown completely in captivity for several generations and are sold in limited numbers so that they can be sustainably grown and propagated for many generations. Actually most LE corals we offer are now grown as frags and not colonies. What we mean is that we no longer keep larger colonies as parent colonies, instead we keep many frags of each coral and then produce more frags from these “parent” frags. This allows us to keep pieces from the same coral in several systems and under different types of lighting to experiment with what is the optimum lighting for color and growth.

A few words about Jason Fox
Jason has been a customer of ours for about as long as we have been in business–10+ years. He is a true coral collector that is an avid aquarist with a passion for collecting and propagating some of the rarest and most incredible corals in the world. He has acquired a truly impressive collection with some of the most spectacular Chalices and many other corals. For the last few years we have been offering some of Jason’s corals for sale on our site. Jason is local to us and we have a close working relationship and we now post weekly some of his rarer high end corals on a WYSIWYG basis—this is your opportunity to get some of Jason’s beautiful corals. If there are any Jason Fox corals you have been seeking just let us know and we can get you a frag.

A few of the many Jason Fox Signature Frags posted:

Jason Fox’s Riddler Chalice–WYSIWYG

Jason Fox’s Joker’s Wild Chalice–WYSIWYG

Jason Fox’s 4 Color Watermelon Chalice–WYSIWYG

Jason Fox’s Wonder Woman Chalice–WYSIWYG