jon need help

Hey jon have a question for u…when I do the dip did say to put them back in main tank or do I put them back in 10g at?

I need to ask you a question when u get a min can u email me (EMAIL REMOVED by Jon)

Err. Sorry, too many messages and had a long hectic night. Place them back in the tank on the rocks in the flow I described to you at the store. Up off the sand if possible.(if the conch gets to be a pain moving things, shove it in the other tank for a while or bring it to the store, if it does to the other tank make sure the salinity and temp are not too different.)

I made a post on you’re other thread, and I will copy this to e-mail as well.

Remember no marine snow or phyto for at least a week and then small amounts once a week.

Also check my AIM screen name under my logo. I will not be up too late tonight, but will be up really early tomorrow and will check the boards before leaving.

IF the corals are already in the smaller tank leave them there tonight and think about moving them back tomorrow if all of the water parameters in both tanks match. (temp is most important with moving the corals and salinity is moderatly important)