jtnova's 90 gallon build

I got a free 90 gallon non-reef ready and stand and hood… so it’s upgrade time! Perfect timing because quite a few of my corals are getting too big for this tank.

I am going to be transferring the entire contents of my 65g into it.

The 90 gallon will be set up with a center bean-animal overflow with one return. Sump will be a 40g breeder with 3 sections, skimmer, fuge and return.

Lighting will be my 2x 120w LED for now. I may supplement it with t5’s. I have to see how much space I have in the hood after install.

Fish stocking is/will be:
Mimic Lemonpeel Tang
2 percs
Kole Tang
A wrasse to be named later
Mandarin (to be added only if my fuge is chock full o pods)

Here are a few pics of the hole drilling. Managed to NOT crack the glass :slight_smile:

Installed the bulkheads.

I chipped small slivers of glass off of the tops and bottoms of the holes when I was drilling them so I siliconed lexan gaskets onto the holes and then installed the bulkheads. It probably would have been ok without them, but better safe than sorry!

you will get a more reliable seal with the plates as gaskets. old drilled holes can also be plugged, when not needed, with glass or acrylic patches silconed to the glass. good job.

I am no expert but it looks like there are gaskets on both the inside and outside of the tank? Isn’t the gasket only supposed to be on the inside of the tank? Again I’m no expert but just something I was thinking of maybe someone else will chime in.


Nice diagram! That’s good to know.

Downbeach, that diagram is awesome. I was just thinking how I was going to keep the overflow box attached!

Screwing the bulkhead though the box is perfect.

Are you using a pre-fab box or making your own?

GlassHoles.com makes some nice boxes & overflow kits…

Yah ill probably buy a prefab one. I need to get dimensions of the glass holes ones to see if it will fit all 3 overflows in it.

Will they make a custom one if you give them a drawing with dimensions?

last time I spoke to them a while ago…they said they could make any size/style u want…

How hard is it to make an overflow box? Cut 5 pieces of lexan and glue them together basically, right?

It doesn’t have to have teeth does it?

The teeth are easy to make. Drill a 1/4" hole about 1" from the top side and use a saw to connect hole to the edge. Or just use a saw blade with a very wide kerf (cut). Repeat as many times as necessary for the number of teeth desired. I also see an ad on craigslist often for custom overflow boxes, but never checked them out.

I’ve been reading that teeth are unnecessary and often restrict flow and add noise to
Overflows. I might just make an overflow with no teeth.

It seems pretty easy to make an acrylic box.

You could use a screen (ie gutterguard) to keep stuff like snails out but I would use something, at least a strainer on the pipe. Will you make it adjustable to set tank water level?

I wasn’t planning on making it adjustable. I was just going to measure to make sure the tank level was covered by the hood.

Tank’s on hold for now, getting married in august. Will continue build after that!

In the meantime, I did pick up a melanarus wrasse from DPA, beautiful fish.

Anyone have one and have you noticed it eating flatworms? I have a bunch on the glass and some on corals. I’m going to remove as many as possible with airline and dip the corals that are removable and then use flatworm exit on the rest.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding!
Let me know how you make out with the flatworms. Just make sure to have plenty of fresh SW made up and plenty of carbon. The flatworms release toxins when they die that can harm stuff in your tank. Try to remove as many as possible before using the flatworm exit.

Long hiatus, but finally got around to building the stand frame.

10 of the straightest 2x4’s I could find at home depot.

Bottom of the stand

Got the legs on

Finished frame. Just need to wrap it in some nicer wood and stain it.
(i did put a center vertical brace on one side I just didn’t take a picture. I’ll put a friction mounted vertical brace on the front so I can get to the sump if/when i need to)

Looks great, FWIW if you want to save some room you, structurally speaking you do not need the center support. Anything after 48"you will need center support with 2X4.

Good to know, perhaps I won’t be putting a center brace in the front. It’s technically 48.5" :stuck_out_tongue: