Julian Sprung and Tony Vargas guest speakers at NJRC April Meeting

Hey all, i guess i’m still on their mailing list. just got this notice about their April meeting. They have Julian Sprung and Tony Vargas as their special guest speakers. RSVP requested if you would like to attend. Caterers and all.
Details at this link:


In case anyone is interested. We were fortunate to have Julian make a fine presentation to the club a couple years back. He was very good.

I found these links on reef Builders about Julians Home tanks. Seems like a good time to post them, incase anyone missed them. Very interesting approach to setting up a display tank and refugium.

Julian Sprung’s home reef tank is an inspired peninsula reef with minimal live rock | Reef Builders | The Reef and Saltwater Aquarium Blog


I’m sure it will be worth the ride.