July 29, ‘23 Members meeting BBQ with Next Wave Corals

July 29 2023

BBQ with NextWave Corals at Mike’s (@MarineMike5) house!

220 Gladstone Way. Bear, De. 19701

Join us at Mike’s (vice president) house for some good BBQ courtesy of Chris (club Secretary)! Check out Mike and Lori’s beautiful established reef tanks and pick up some new frags from club sponsor Next Wave Corals!

As usual we will be holding a raffle and members are welcome to bring their frags to swap or sell.

How many people are coming to the BBQ and meeting frag swap on July 29th?

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I have it on my calendar.

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I would like to invite members and their families to the July 29th members BBQ and frag swap with Nextwave Corals. Anyone wishing to post corals they want to swap or sell please do so. We will have a corn hole tournament with the winners prize being a coral package. Please sign up upon arrival to the meeting. This is a meeting where the club gives back to all its members for all their support… plus I hear that Chris is the pit boss of champions. Great BBQ roastman.

I cant cone unfortunately. I am going with my wife to a Luke Combs concert.

My wife and I are planning to join you. Sounds great!

Great see you two there

Amazing time today at the Meeting/BBQ!!!

Thank you Mike and Lori for hosting this event at your home.

Thank you Nextwavecorals for setting up your frag tank for all to purchase amazing coral at amazing prices! Thanks also for the generous frag donations for the raffles! (I walked away with an amazing Jaw Breaker mushroom - Next Wave Goodness)

Mike did a great job sharing his knowledge about PH in the Reef as well as some good advice on keeping your salinity stable, so much to learn from an experienced reefer like Michael Crimian!
Mike your tank looks amazing!

It was great to see everyone who came, the food was out of this world, thanks Chris Lapotsky for preparing the meal (loved the chicken and Mac-n-cheese)

I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted but I will post a few here
Feel free to drop a couple if you took any today

Love this club!

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