Just introducing myself

Hi there. I am new here. I have a 120 that is 5 years old. I have been thru it all. I am sure most of you have. Let’s share information and see if we can’t make things better for everyone


Welcome to the club! Lots of different experience levels here.
We look forward to hearing more. Tell us a little bit about your set up.

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I would not know where to begin. My tank is unorganized and a mess. But it works. It’s a 4ft 120. On top of it sits 2 4ft reef brite strips paired with 2 RADION gen 5. Inside are 2 280 maxspect gyres. Underneath is a trigger sump with a maxspect store in skimmer. There are wires and wire ties everywhere and just a mess. But it works.


Welcome to the club!!

Welcome to the club Interruptus. Yes we have all levels of reefers. If you want to get to know us join us at our next meeting June 11th in Bear De. 19701. Address will be shared later.

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I thank everyone for the warm welcome. I am trying to upload a picture of my favorite fish but it will not allow me.

Welcome to the world of messy tanks, if you looked behind my doors you would not know what wire goes to what.
Ido know however where they all go and that’s what counts,ha ha, and like you said it works.

I can’t remember, I’ll see if I can find the settings on the forum here but you may have to post a number of times prior to being able to upload pictures. I’ll check

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