Just messing with the camera.

Took about 30 pictures in RAW and am messing with post processing, as well as trying different settings on the camera. Here’s one I really like.

Really nice atenic shot! i’m assuming it one of a sunset monti?

Thats not actinic :slight_smile: thats all 6 T5’s, camera contrast settings darken it up a bit.

Oh! either way it looks really nice to me Tim.

Another one

Right click view image… I guess you can’t post full size images anymore which cuts down the amazingness of these :frowning:

Looks nice Tim.

pics look good. is the second picture joe the coral? i know you had one at some point. what ever it is it looks sweet.

Second one is some Dr. Mac blue tipped acro I got from John (marchingband) The Joe the coral I have is still alive despite my best attempts.


Man Tim. Things are looking real nice.

Looks real nice Tim!

Your tank is looking Fine, Tim, and your pictures even better. lots of pics lately. I guess you are waiting for paving season?