Kalkwasser (Calcium Hydroxide (CaOH))

I know I’ve said this before and nobody wants my white powdery substance. BUT if anyone wants some of my finest on the block kalkwasser let me know. I’ve got about 50 lbs of it, which means I won’t use it all even if I had 50 tanks. Apparently it doesn’t take much to raise it up, just an itty bit. I believe Ken doses with kalkwasser so he should be able to give more advice on dosing amounts.

If anyone wants any let me know I’ll bag it up in some ziplock baggies. Just don’t get pulled over on the way home.

I wish i knew, i just bought enough to last me for a year!

ill take some. i havent been watching ca but ill try to keep an eye on it. when ive tested for it it’s usually where it should be but i guess it cant hurt to keep some on hand.

Whats the shelf life if there is one?

No definite shelf life. Store in a dry place, the better you have it seal the longer it will last. It will absorb ambient CO2 if it gets moist and turn into calcium carbonate.

Kalwasser is great to keep the PH up, and dose some alkalinity and Calcium too. Ive got a good supply of Mrs. Wages pickling lime for the next year or so now. But if i recall, your stuff is very high grade Calcium hydroxide. and should be excellent. Is it Mississippi Lime?

Ian … I’ll take some.

Yessir Mississippi Lime, Technical grade (which means there’s no junk in it)

Hey Ian

Do you have regularly access to this stuff, or just a bulk supply?

Regular access, as much as I want basically. In 50 lb sacks.

We throw it away here because its less than 95% CaOH the 5% being moisture/CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), neither of which is remotely harmful and I seriously doubt it’s any less pure than other sources. We simply need high quality stuff for life support systems. High quality going in makes it a lot easier to have high quality coming out.