Keep an eye out!

Im sure everyone has seen this circulating the reef forms, but thought i would share this.

CAUTION: Stolen equipment!
Please help a fellow reefer out - please do not flag this post!

Some of you may know of Dirk Griffin. He’s from MN, and frequents frag swaps selling dry goods. Well his traveling truck was stolen this weekend in Ohio (near Columbus), and yes it was full of all his goods for a show on Sunday.

If anyone happens to see someone wanting to unload a ton of new in the box reef equipment on Craigs list, or elsewhere keep an eye out.

There are a few things he has that stand outs. Those glowing plastic sticks, he had some Orphek flashlights, and some other odds and ends.

Help the guy out, his truck was insured, but not the contents, so it is a real kick in the ***!"

From Dirk himself:

Still looking for a thief. If you happen to come across some guy with a motherload of aquarium dry goods for sale, it may be stolen:

A LOT of this is very unique to me and to the industry. I am throwing out a hail mary pass that if enough know about it, can tell a few people, list it on your boards, check your local Craigs list, Ebay, Amazon, STORES, maintenance firms large or small…someone might see something.
I have a few photo’s to show some of the items
To me things that will stick out
-The coral/glow sticks…NO one has them in quantities. They are 18" up to 72" long and in green, orange and red.
-The cubes I store things in are from Target called Itso cubes. They are white and have 2 bolted together. They are 14 1/2", all the way around, obviously 2 of them will be 29" long/high. They stack pretty nice and hold a LOT of stuff. Hydor, Mag, Maxi-jet and other pumps and power heads. There are prices on the upper side of many of the cubes.
-The drawers that also stack nicely are from Iris, they have not been made in 5-7 years. I checked because I wanted more of them, the company just giggled and said I was a bit late. They are filled with Elos, Radium, Ushio, XM MH se bulbs, test kits, cleaning magnets and lots of parts
-5’ silver truck box
-2-black Contico boxes approx 34x24x24"Download IMG-20130608-00026.jpg (422.4 KB)
-Tongs 12" angled with red coated tips, 24" tongs no coating
-Skimmers from Coralife, Hydor, Aquatic life
-UV’s from Coralife and Tetra and replacement bulbs
-2/3/4’ T5 bulbs, 13/18/24/28/55/66/96w PC bulbs
-Salifert and SeaChem test kits
-Leds 6 to 48" long from Marineland, Aquatic Life
-4’ Coralife 4 bulb T5
-Black plastic tool box filled with Ushio, Phoenix, AB de MH bulbs
This could go on for pages, do what you can to get the word and photos out. Most of this is going to stick out, with who ever might get some or all. I will offer a reward of up to $1000 depending on what is recovered.
thanks, Dirk
651 388 7319

If you can’t help directly, please help spread the word!