Keeping Sunset Montipora

So since I got my nice shiny new Sunset Montipora Digita, anything special I should do to ensure it does extra awesome in my tank? It is really pretty sweet looking and would love for it to spread all over. I’m assuming the standard good quality water, good flow, good lighting. I feel I’ve got 2/3, my flow isn’t quite up to where I think it should be. I’ve got a sure flow maxijet and a MJ1000 w/o sureflow for flow. The MJ1000 clicks on every 30 mins for 30 mins and is opposite side of the sureflow MJ.

Dont do water changes for a few months!

Im convinced that monti’s thrive in dirty water.

Lol, I was just reading the same thing on WWM that some SPS actually like some nitrates…I can live with that!

Keep an eye on it for Monti eating pests. Feed you’re fish enough and they will get enough food from their wastes… You seem to be good with your water chemistry, so there really isn’t much else you can do. I wouldn’t throw in too many other SPS though until you do well with this one for a couple of months and your tank has aged a little more.(I know Shawn’s thinking the same thing, lol)

Im not one to talk, as tight as my tank is im still hit or miss with SPS. I have hard to keep SPS that do well, and very easy SPS that dont. It just doesnt make sense sometimes.

Where did you get the monti? I was looking for one on ebay this weekend but didn’t win.

That Fish Place. I saw that one on ebay for like 9.99?

Okay, i thought you might have been the one who got that sunset. In that case, i call first dibs on frags!


Except the one I got from TFP had a much higher price tag on it than 9.99

Wow…nice coral

Now THAT’S the frag we could even up with Ian … lol

Lol maybe, but not for a good couple months!

I think Jon called dibs on first frag over an IM message, then ravensfan, but thats pretty much you isn’t it, Ted?

Not really. He has his own tanks …

Of course, I pay the electric bill … he might need to step to the back of the line … :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh heh, tell him he can just pay 1/2 the electric bill and watch how he turns off all the lights!

Nice looking Monti! yup they like calcium/mg/alk. I think a little lite feeding helps too. like a little green water a couple times a week. since i have been raising rotifers for my baby fish, i sometimes, now andthen, hit or miss, feed the frag tank a little too. I think all the acros like it. a little dose of something else in vitamins/fats/carbs/minerals they dont normally catch. not much, it can pollute and over power the bio filter. just a touch. Acro types get more than 90% of their food source from light feeding their zooxanthelae, which in turn feed the corals carbs. and stuff.

I have been using dead, frozen concentrate for the roties since they need more, but the live REEF BLEND of DTs. is good. I have been using some of that too in my clown larvae tank, to keep the live roties well fed till the larvae eat them. i think the live DTs green ater also eats some of the nitrates too. which is even better.
Last i checked, they had some bottles at PA in the live feed fridge behind the counter. just ask one of the guys.