Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue - For Sale

A buddy of mine bought the following Kessil equipment and doesn’t like them on his tank. He has had them up twice, each time for about a day and each time he decided he didn’t like them. At this point he is past the return period but everything is basically brand new:

2 - Kessil A160 WE Tuna blue LED lights
2 - Kessil Mounting Arms
2 - Kessil Angle adapters
1 - Kessil Spectral Controller X
Along with all the cables needed to hook them together

He paid over $800 for everything listed above and is asking $700 or best offer. Pease let me know if you are interested.

@Sneeyatch was looking for one recently:

yeah - thanks for the tag. It’s just too much $$ with too many extras for what I need. I appreciate it though - thanks Matt - hopefully he can unload them.

Completely understand! Thanks Adam for making the connection.

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