Keystone Clash Event


I did a post or two on Facebook but didn’t get much of a response.

For those that may not remember me I am Scottie, I provided a meeting space for you at the firehouse in bellefonte years ago. I also attended a swap. I’ve always had saltwater aquariums but unfortunately am usually not able to attend the club meetings. Being the only local salt club in the area I am all about supporting the club though. I am president of the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County and chairperson of the Keystone Clash.

Last year we had 4 saltwater vendors purchase spaces but only one showed up. We had a seahorse speaker as well. This year we are looking to increase the saltwater presence. We always allow non-profits to have spaces for free. I am again offering this to the club - 10x10 space to promote the club. Additionally I would like to provide a meeting space for the club during lunch time on Saturday. As big as you need for about an hour on Saturday to have a meeting or get together or whatever.

I admire the progressive growth in the club over the last couple years. I want to support it as much as I can. The more people we get in the building for the Keystone Clash the more successful the event is so it is a win win.

The event is 9/22-9/24 in Morgantown PA. About an hour north. People attend from Washington state, canada, florida and everywhere in between.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or ideas or concerns.

Hope to see the club there in full force!



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