Large Bubble Tip anemone

I may have available soon (read: “if I can catch it while it’s wandering off of the rocks”) a very large green/rose bubble tip anemone. Disc is probably 8" across with a tenticle span of more than 14" when fully opened.

Buyer will need to be ready to take possession quickly once removed from my tank.

If I can catch the satanic tomato clownfish hosting in it, I will include it free of charge.

$25 takes it.

It’s a beautiful nem, it just won’t sit still in my tank and is taking up way too much realestate.

I’ll pick up from the fragswap, give you cash or trade you for corals.

I’m hoping t have it out of my tank long before then, but if not, the swap will be a definite option.

Kool, I can pick up sooner 2 wks after the snow clears a little and I can bring the Picasso clownfish to AJ…for the fragswap.