Large Frags of Montipora Confusa and Stellata

I have two huge colonies of Confusa and Stelatta that I am getting ready to trim up. Anyone interested in large frags of each?

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I would be interested in a peice of the stelatta. Let me know when it will be ready and cost. Thanks

I too would be interested in the confusa

Jut let me know best was to get in touch

Also interested.

Could trade you a piece of billy Murray if your don’t have it already

Can I see a good picture of bill Murray coral. I will be glade to trade with you.thanks. Saw pictures online. Would love to see your coral.

Hey Mike. Any chance you still have a peice of stelatta left. I can stop over one day next week.

Hey guys sorry for not getting back with you all, I had some medical issues. I still have these frags if you are interested.

Mike glad to have you back! Your tank is awesome! My confuse frag has started to settle in and is slowly growing! Thanks again.

Welcome back Mike. Yes I’m still interested

Whatever frags you got I’ll take one of each. Glade whatever happened your passed it now. Take care

Mike let me know which days work for you and we can figure out a good time.

I’m off this week is Friday ok. If so I have to take Lori to PT at 11:30. We will be done at 12:30. Can be at your house by 1:00. You coming to the frag swap on Saturday?

Or tomorrow (Thursday) around 2:00 or after dinner, 6:30 or later. What ever is good for you. Thanks

Mike tomorrow at 1 would be perfect. I have a call at 2 so we might have to be quick. My address is 194 Esmer Ct Newark DE and phone is 302-509-7855.

See ya at 1:00

Thanks Mike for the frags. Good to see you up and around again. Hope all goes well. See you at the swap Saturday. Take care

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