Lessons on what not to do

Saw this on reef builders. This is what happens when impatient people jump into reef keeping hobby.

that figures i knew it the first time i saw it i don’t watch it anymore

We watch that show sometimes. The tanks they do look amazing. The first time I watched it I said I dont know how they are just installing the tanks and putting fish in them at the same time. I am sure they have had this problem more than any of us will ever know.

I do watch the show occasionally and get angry :-? when they dump in garbage cans of fish with no acclimation. Its shameful to promote this kind of irresponsibility. I don’t know what they expected with putting a wild black tip and white tip sharks in a relatively small tank besides disaster. These things get big and eat fish. I guess when people pay you crazy amounts of money its easy not to care.

The show sucks, find something better to do with the time.

I caught them on one of the late-night shows a couple weeks ago - they seem even more clueless and bumpkin then they do on their own show.

But what about that magical water that they use/promote every episode. That doesn’t solve everything? That said, we do enjoy the show, and realize that they can’t show all the time and effort that goes into implementing an aquarium of these sizes and timelines without boring most of the viewers. I’d like to think that they notify their customers about potential fish loss due to a tight timeline on a proposed delivery date. And for sure the drama of will all the fish be healthy and the water be clear for the “reveal” is the TV drama the production crew is looking for. We all make mistakes, but theirs are televised. And I dunno, I think we have a few Brett’s, Wade’s, Redneck’s, and General’s amongst our crew here, hahah…Shoot, even some Heather and Agnes’s.

Lol can I be heather!

lol, Heather it is!