Lid for Rimless 75G

Id like to keep my evaporation down a bit and to keep my wrasse in the tank. Any thoughts on a lid for my rimless 75G?

So far I’ve seen clips that fit the rim and allow for lid to be placed inside. Not sure what else is out there, but any suggestions are welcome

I have a mesh lid from octoaquatics (I think that’s the name) on my rimless. He makes them to order so I’m sure you could have less mesh if you want.

Nice looking tank – slightly off topic but what kind of lights are those?

I used the diy screen and the tabs that hold it on a rimless tank that brs sells. Pick up screen frames and everything else you need at the hardware store.

The lights are the Ocean revive T247. It has a custom mount from extruded aluminum. I don’t have much experience with them, but I’ll keep you updated in time