Lights Skimmer reefkeeper elite

So I am in the process of upgrading from a 150 to a 180 and have a few things i am looking to get rid of. The 150 tank and most of the extra tanks and equipment are pending already.

What I still have for sale is:

2 sb reef 32 timer pro led lights no legs. Blues were run @ 60% and whites were run @ 10% the lights are approximately 2 and a half years old. $150 each or $250 for the pair. Obo

Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer replaced the pump about a year ago and has an extra needlewheel impeller still in package. It is the older model with out the silencer where the airline feeds from the top of the adjustable stand pipe. $150 obo

Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Elite v2 aquarium controller. Comes with 4 pc4 power strips with 4 outlets each, 2 sl1 ph and orp modules with moonlight controls, the control panel display, a net module to connect to an ethernet, and the sid v2 donhle to program the system. (Adam this is not yours I bought one on Ebay so I could return yours but since covid hit…lol) system is fairly easy to use just decided to upgrade for the new tank. $125 obo

If somebody wants everything $400 or best offer.

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Reefkeeper and curve skimmer are sold.

Everything is sold