List of aquatic businesses in Delaware

I will be meeting with staff from Lisa Blunt Rochester’s office later this week to discuss the damaging effects the Lacey Act amendments would have if they moved forward. I would like to share the number of aquarium businesses in Delaware that would be impacted by this, so I have to create a list of businesses in the state. The list of businesses I am aware of so far is located here: Redirecting...
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Please let me know if there are additional businesses I am missing.

If you are unfamiliar with these amendments the house passed a bill that would impact all exotic animals except cats, dogs, or traditional farm animals. All species other than cats, dogs, or traditional farm animals would be considered injurious immediately (or possibly in 60 days) unless added to a whitelist. Species considered injurious could not legally be imported into the United States or transported across state lines.
More info can be found here:

Thanks Jon. Looking forward to hearing all the information from the meeting.