Live rock and CUC for sale

Hey guys, after much consideration and a tank catastrophe, I have decided to go freshwater. I have a sea clone skimmer, about forty pounds if live rock, and assorted snails and hermits for sale. The rock is nice, with some larger pieces- One piece is covered in shrooms. I’d like $3 per pound for the rock, $25 for the mushroom rock- cuc is free to whoever takes the rock, and $50 for the skimmer and phosban reactor. In Dover.


Pm sent

Pm returned- sorry so long to reply, I was out of town.

What kind of skimmer is it?

Skimmer is a sea clone

Sold some rock- still have quite a bit left. Sea clone skimmer AND tlf phosban reactor $50.

Hurry! Taking it for store credit otherwise.


Is it the 150 or 550 phosban reactor?

150- new in box with mediA

thats a good deal for either one, skimmer or reactor/media let alone both. But I’m already running 4 seaclones, and just set up one of my 2 new TLF 150 reactors with bio pellets. or i would have gone for it. But dont need them now.

Just for others, Does either include a pump too? which media?

Thanks ken, the skimmer has a pump, the reactor does not. And it is a full, unopened tub of phosban media.

What size tub? That’s the skimmer, reactor, and media for $50?

And yes, all for $50. If you come get it today, I’ll throw in a refractometer for free. :slight_smile:

That’s a good deal. I think I’m only interested in the phosban reactor. I would pick that up for $20 if you wanted to piece things out. No pressure. Lmk I’ll be in Dover on Thursday.

If dover was not so far away I would pick it up. That is a good deal.

Is this still available?

Still available- let me know!

Pm sent

I bought most of the rock and I think joe had a buddy take the rest

All sold. Thanks everyone