live rock f/s (l.e.d. 's too!!!!) (PRICE DROPPED) PICS ADDED

got a sweet deal on a 92 corner setup, so i have spent all day swapping my wifes tank into the new corner tank! great sunday right!!! anyhow, i have some stuff left from her old setup that im trying to move out. right now, approx 125 lbs of fully cured live rock. pieces range from huge (40lbs or so) to smallish (baseball size). $2/lb if anyone wants to dig thru and pick some stuff… or 200 bux takes it all! even the 32 gal tub brute can its it!! lol just to give u an idea how much 125 lbs of rock is, the brute can is filled to the brim! still completely covered in tank water. prolly throw a p/h in there if it sits a few days.

#2- i still have the 9-led strips. they r the 3w-5 bulb- tru lumen strips with all wiring and power boxes. pretty neat setup for someone that wants to add some leds to an existing fixture. these things r brite!!! 250 bux o.b.o!!!

and she has her tank, light, stand, and filter listed on craigslist right now, but if anyone is interested in a 95 gal. PENTAGON shaped corner tank, let me know. its drilled in the bottom back corner for drains and return pipes… cabinet stand, rapids pro 3 all in one filter with built in venturi skimmer, and a 48" dual t-5 ho deep blue fixture. think she is asking $400 on c/l for it, but best offer at this point gets it out of my living room. dimensions on it r pretty similar to the 92 corner…

Is your 180 converted over to Fowlr yet ???

For the most part…

[quote=“hottuna, post:2, topic:4074”]
Is your 180 converted over to Fowlr yet ???[/quote]
y did u ask ron? Is my semilevaris ready to come home?!

nope…but I wanted to come over & see the tank…

Id prolly call it more like a mixed reef…

im intrested in some of the rock like 20lbs

if you are around the next day or so i will stop by. if you part out i want the all in one sump and overflow. i also would like to see all you have for sale.


U can dig thru the rock anytime jason…

And, I gave the overflow box to a young guy that was setting up a sump. But your box will work fine with this filter if she wants to separate the stuff… might be a good idea really. Sell the light and filter, cap the holes and throw a couple o.t.s filters on it. Then someone may want it for f/w… ill let ya know.

What area do you live in? I might be interested in some more LR for my tank

I live in Dover right off of Rt 1.

That is a little bit of a drive for me… maybe a weekend trip any good LFS near you?

Tell him BJ, is there a LFS store near you. hehehehe

Absolutely! Lol the fish bowl is about 3 miles from my house…

Tank setup is gone. Rock is all but gone.
make me an offer! Lol