live rock for sale.

i have various pieces
price ranges from 2.00 to 3.50 it all depends what coral or nems are on them
also have a amiracle wet dry system for sale.come with pump-40
yellow tang- 10 has fin damage otp dorsal fin

Pic of the tang please

Welcome back Chris! How big is the sump?

i’ll have to mesure but i think its 20 gallons
pics coming soon

where are you located? don’t know how much rock you have, but looking for 30+ lbs.

I got about 60 to 80 pounds

I am looking for a few select rocks, let me know when livestock is gone and your ready to let rocks go plain.

If you wanna bring some to the meeting, I can buy it off you then.

When is the next meeting?

Nov 21. Info on the front page of our site.

If any body is still interested send a pm so I can bring it to the meeting tomorrow.

pm sent